In General News

Group Commander Kevin Napier, head of community fire safety at Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We want to help ensure that people enjoy the sunny weather while it’s here safely. High temperatures and dry areas of land can be perfect conditions for a fire to spread. Something as simple as not stubbing a cigarette out properly, or using a disposable barbecue on grass, can start a fire that can develop quickly.”
There are seven simple steps we urge residents to take to help prevent an outdoor fire:
1. Ensure cigarettes are completely out
2. Do not throw cigarettes out of car windows onto grass verges or vegetation
3. Put disposable barbecues on bricks, do not place directly on grass
4. Do not leave glass bottles lying on the ground, the sun’s rays reflect through the glass and can start a fire
5. When camping, do not leave campfires unattended and make sure it is completely out before you leave it
6. Use barbecues on a hard, flat surface, away from grass, shrubs or fencing
7. Talk to your children about the dangers of starting a fire.

Jenny from the Wildlife Trust:

We would urge residents to look out for smoke and fires as they walk around Cambourne Nature Reserve and ring the fire brigade immediately if they spot anything on fire before it can spread. Fires of any sort, including BBQs, are not allowed in Cambourne Nature Reserve. If you do report any fires or other incidents on the Nature Reserve to the fire brigade or police please also let the Wildlife Trust know. Email or call 01954 713500

The Parish Council requests that residents take care around the village and follow the advise of the Fire Service and Wildlife Trust. We would also request that if anyone is aware of people setting fires it be reported to the police via 999 as well as the fire service.