Parish Councillors

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NameAddressEmailDOI Form
Joseph O’Dwyer
3 Langate Green
Great Cambourne CB23 5AE
Ruth Poulton
5 Chervil Way
Great Cambourne CB23 6BA
Shrobona Bhattacharya54 Bisley Crescent,
Upper Cambourne CB23 6JA
Patrick Gavigan
Chairman of Planning Committee
20 Brookfield Way
Lower Cambourne CB23 5ED
Peter Hedges20 Spitfire Road,
Upper Cambourne CB23 6FN
Thomas Hudson108 Greenhaze Lane
Great Cambourne CB23 5BH
Symeon Krintas63 Greenhaze Lane,
Great Cambourne CB23 5EF
Kevin McIntyre2 Beaufighter Drive,
Upper Cambourne CB23 6JJ
Ghazala Mehboob Khan38 Lancaster Gate
Upper Cambourne CB23 6AT
Paul Mills13 Medlar Lane

Lower Cambourne CB23 6FT 
Jeyur Patel1 Whitley Road
Upper Cambourne CB23 6AS
Sudhir Shivananjappa14 Bisley Crescent

Upper Cambourne CB23 6JA 
Greg Thompson
Chairman of Leisure & Amenities Committee
14 Spar Close
Lower Cambourne CB23 6FG