Changes to Local Bus Services

We are writing to notify you that Stagecoach is to alter a number of their services from the 8th January 2018

These services are the

  • 9 Ely – March
  • 9 Littleport – Ely – Cambridge
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 18
  • 25
  • A
  • Citi 2
  • Citi 5
  • Citi 8
  • 46
  • 50
  • 56
  • 446
  • Busway A&B and
  • Busway  N

For full details and copies of the timetables for the Stagecoach services please contact them directly on 01223 433250, or

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely

Passenger Transport Team

Phone: 0345 045 0675


Post: Passenger Transport Team, Box SH1013, Shire Hall, Castle Hill, Cambridge CB3 0AP

20mph Speed Limit and Zebra Crossing

The Parish Council meeting of the 03rd October 2017. It was agreed, to request the County Council implement a 20mph speed limit in Cambourne, to provide a safe environment for the residents and improved routes for schools.

The Parish Council took the decision after considering responses from the Parish Plan and the previous Consultation held in the village. There was a suggestion that certain roads where kept at 30mph, but after careful consideration it was not appropriate as they were where schools were and play areas or Sports pavilions.

The Parish Council also agreed to apply to the County Council for joint funding of 3 Zebra crossings at the junction of Swansley Lane and School lane, Priory Walk and Monkfield Lane and Eastgate and Lancaster Gate. The 3 sites were identified after the Parish Council Commissioned traffic counts at 8 locations in Cambourne. They were the only sites that met the County Council’s criteria for provision of Zebra crossings.

Link below:


Upper Cambourne A428 Bund Path works and Landscaping Update.

Spoil deposition on the northern boundary of Upper Cambourne is now complete and works can continue to construct the remaining sections of bridleways and footpaths in the area.

Path construction and planting was carried out last year on the eastern section where progress with spoil deposition allowed it. These works can now continue west and are scheduled for completion in spring 2018.

Once the works are practically complete and the site is deemed safe, the paths will be opened to the public. Work will continue to ensure that the planting and seeding develops successfully once the paths are open.

Completion will mark another 20,000 trees having been added to the network of green space around Cambourne and will be the final piece in the jigsaw to complete the circular route around the boundary of the Cambourne development.

Electrofishing at Sirius Lake

Electrofishing will be carried out by a specialist contractor in Sirius lake week commencing 20th November.

This is to capture a pair of Koi Carp which have been noticed recently inhabiting the pond presumably released there by a reluctant fish owner.

The Koi which are non- indigenous can cause harm to the ecology of the lake and may breed in spring which would intensify the problem.

The contractors will target the Koi and will release any other fish which are caught in the process.