Local Plan Modifications

South Cambs District Council recently commenced a consultation on the modifications to the Local Plan as requested by the Planning Inspector. The main area in the modifications is the new designation of Local Green Space.

The Parish Council (with the support of the developers and District Council) had tried to get a large number of open spaces designated as Local Green Spaces (LGS), but the Planning Inspector was concerned that too large an area was being designated and was looking at removing most of them throughout the district. The Parish Council and District Council argued the point and were able to get agreement that 8 out of the 19 sites within Cambourne put forward should be LGS’s, some of the other sites have been designated as Protected Village Amenity Area which has its own protection against development.

SC-MM268g and SC-MM268h (the western valley between Great and Upper Cambourne) were two of the areas removed as these had not been developed as a country park/ golf course yet and were of an excessive size. The two largest areas are not down to be developed and have planning condition on them from the 950 extra dwellings consent that states that if the area is not developed as a golf course (they have been struggling to get anyone interested in opening a new course on the site) it has to be laid out as a Country Park (this will be transferred to the Parish Council’s ownership).

These area’s like all the other areas are or will be in the ownership of the Parish Council or the Wildlife Trust. In the transfers we are prevented from using it for any other purpose without consent for at least 25 years and in some cases 80 years.

The new Local Plan will start to be reviewed in 2019 and the Parish Council can try and get the LGS’s extended to further areas as part of the review and would not request any designated areas to be removed.

UK Government Smart Meters Rollout 2020

The Government is rolling out smart meters into all homes and businesses before 2020. However, research shows that a huge percentage of the population are still not aware of the options available. Working in conjunction with the smart meter authorities nationwide, Selectra are ensuring that all local councils have the up to date, correct information on their websites to ensure we are fully prepared as a nation for this switch. Please see their website for more information https://selectra.co.uk/guides/smart-meters

Reporting Non-Emergencies Online

Non-emergency situations can now be reported to the police online if people would rather do so than call 101.

In October last year Cambridgeshire Constabulary re-launched their website with added functionality to report non-emergencies via specially designed forms or a live webchat.

The live webchat option enables people to communicate directly with a member of staff in the control room, just as would be the case when calling 101. Online forms are processed in the same way as a call and the person reporting can expect a response within 24 hours.

Due to the high level of demand there are often queues when calling 101. Reporting online is quick, easy and free of charge.
Superintendent James Sutherland said: “In the digital age people are doing more and more online. I’m pleased that our website now has increased capability to allow people to contact us in this way.

To view the online reporting section of the constabulary’s website visit www.cambs.police.uk/report/. The live webchat function is available by clicking on the green icon on the bottom right of the page.

Cambourne to Cambridge Event

Tonight (23rd January) 6pm – 8pm, @ the Hub Community Centre

Officers from the Greater Cambridge Partnership will be available to chat to you about improving bus routes from the West into the city as part of the Cambourne to Cambridge Better Bus Journeys scheme.