Proposed road closure

Proposed road closure, School Lane, 24th October to 1st November. Comments by 3rd August to
Description of Works:
School lane – Sewer main connection works
As part of Cambourne West infrastructure works a new sewer connection is to be carried out at School lane onto the existing sewer main within the carriageway.
Excavate a trench from the north east verge onto the carriageway to install a new sewer main.
A new manhole is to be installed over the existing foul sewer main in the middle of the road and the new connection is to be the main to link with the existing network.
Following the sewer connection, the excavated trench and the manhole are to be backfilled using the type1 subbase and consolidated up to the underside of the asphalt layer.
The carriageway is to be reinstated fully and the road markings are to be reinstated prior to opening the road to the public.
All temporary signs are to be removed and any damaged verge/footways are to be reinstated.

Cambourne Community Fete

We have taken the decision to cancel this year’s Cambourne Community Fete that was to be held on Saturday 12th September. It is highly unlikely that the Government will allow mass gatherings at events and we feel it will be extremely difficult for attendees to socially distance. Our priority is ensuring the safety of Cambourne residents, and that we are doing our best to prevent the transmission of Covid-19.

Play Areas Opening

Following Government Guidelines all playgrounds in Cambourne will reopen from the 4th July 2020.
Please Note: The sand and water park will not be opening on the 4th July 2020 whilst social distancing issues are resolved to ensure the safety of the children.