Adoption works – Beaufort Road and Brace Dein

MCA Developments Ltd have engaged DAC Contracting Ltd to carry out work to complete the construction of carriageways, footways and cycleways within Beaufort Road, Upper Cambourne. There will also be more minor work carried out in Brace Dein. The aim is to bring both of these roads up to adoptable standard.

DAC Contracting are currently looking to commence on 10th May, although it is possible that not much will be evident for the first week or so.
The work will be broken down into two phases, attached is a drawing for the area covered by the first phase.

McMullens pub update

We recently got in touch with McMullens to find out when they plan to start work on building the pub in Cambourne next to the new hotel. A representative said:
“The pub was delayed due to the (non) development of the hotel. The previous developers had not fulfilled their obligations to prepare the site and we were unable to start until this was resolved, then Covid hit. We have 8 other developments that have subsequently been delayed due to Covid but we are back on site and working through those in 2021. With a fair wind, we would hope to be on site in Cambourne, late 2021 or in 2022.”
McMullens will keep in contact when their plans become clear and timelines firmer.

McCarthy Stone (High Street/Monkfield Lane) shop unit update

There has been some confusion and misinformation going around regarding the current development of the retirement home with 3 shop units below. A representative at McCarthy Stone has confirmed:
“There has always been 3 retail units proposed as part of our development and can confirm they have already been constructed. We are currently finalising lease terms with tenants at the moment but cannot confirm whom yet.”
They will be speaking to Sales & Marketing director to find out how the wrong information was given out and prevent it from happening again.

Cambourne West Great Crested Newt (GCN) Habitat Enhancement Works

Works on the Cambourne West residential development have been undertaken in line with a GCN EPS Licence issued by Natural England. Part of this licence requires the developer to commit to habitat enhancement works to secure the favourable conservation status of the species. As part of this new stepping stone ponds as well as hibernacula will be created in the woodland to the east of Sheepfold Lane. This will create new suitable terrestrial habitat suitable for hibernation, as well as new aquatic habitats used by GCN and other amphibians for breeding. The ponds will link existing GCN population present in ponds throughout Cambourne West with new ponds created as part of the residential development.
Works will be carried out this week and have been agreed with the Wildlife Trust, they will also be overseen by a qualified ecologist to ensure habitat enhancement works are carried out to a high standard.

Cambourne Station Consultation

The East West Rail project will create a direct route from Oxford to Cambridge with a station near Cambourne. Although the exact location has not yet been decided, they have produced a map of their preferred corridor showing a station to the south of Cambourne (impinging on the Wildlife Trust country park). Cambourne Town Council is arguing for the station to be sited north of Cambourne and the A428, thus directly accessing the A428 and not shattering our Country Park haven or generating unsustainable traffic on our surrounding roads.

Please complete the consultation, it will take approx. 3 minutes to complete.