In General News

At a meeting of Cambourne Parish Council on Tuesday 5th March 2019 Cambourne Parish Council voted to become Cambourne Town Council. To represent a Town of four villages (Great Cambourne, Lower Cambourne, Upper Cambourne and West Cambourne).
This decision comes on the 20th Anniversary of the first resident moving into Cambourne.

It was considered that it was time to stand back and take a look at Cambourne and how it has grown and will grow over the next fifteen years. Cambourne currently has 4,318 homes (over 11,920 residents) Once the current consents have been completed in 2033 Cambourne is planned to have 7,120 homes (approx 19,650 residents)

In June 2018 the House of Commons Library published a Briefing Paper Number 8322 City & Town Classification of Constituencies & Local Authorities.
The briefing paper was prepared because there was concern how communities could be compared so they established a new classification so similar communities can be compared

• 674 Small Towns: settlements with a population between 7,500
and 24,999 (e.g. Falmouth, New Romney, Holbeach)

• Strengthens Cambourne’s Identity and gives an overall community identity linking the four Villages.
• No cost implications to the residents.
• The Council would be seen more positively within the County and surrounding Districts.
• There aren’t any increased responsibilities by becoming a Town Council.
• There is a genuine debate which could be had about the potential economic benefit of calling yourself a Town and strengthening partnership and business links to bring more opportunities to the town.
• Assists in marketing of the shops on the High Street. Nearly all professionals that come to Cambourne to give presentations see Cambourne as a Town. Part of the problem in marketing Cambourne is that some larger companies won’t go into villages.
• Assist in developing the Business Park, bringing jobs and helping the sustainability of Cambourne.

The Council will be notifying South Cambridgeshire District Council of the decision.

Cllr Joe O’Dwyer
Cambourne Parish Chairman