The Parish Council is responsible for looking after the following facilities on behalf of the residents of Cambourne


For information and bookings, unless otherwise stated, please contact, telephone the Parish Office on 01954 714403 or visit in person during office hours at The Parish Office, High Street, Cambourne, CB23 6GW (adjacent to The Hub Community Centre). The Parish Office is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and from 9am to 4pm on Fridays.


Community Buildings • Sports Venues and Facilities • Community Land and Facilities

Community Buildings
Community Buildings
The Hub, Cambourne Community Centre

The Parish Council runs the building for the community with priority being given to community activities during the week, ensuring The Hub is kept largely free at weekends for residents’ private parties. The Main Hall has capacity for 150 – 300 people and is equipped with an infra-red hearing loop. The Meeting Room has capacity for 50 people and is equipped with an induction hearing loop. The Hub also has a large kitchen with serving hatch into the Main Hall and use of the kitchen is included with all bookings. The Hub Community Centre is fully licensed for the sale of alcohol and for the provision of regulated entertainment.

The Hub is available to be booked via our bookings page.

Cambourne Soul

This temporary building is home to the various youth groups organised and run by the Cambourne Youth Partnership. At other times, it is available for private hire. Plans are being progressed for a permanent purpose-built youth building.

The Blue School

The Blue School is partly used by the Cambourne Pre-School, Cambourne Children’s Centre and Cambourne Church. The remaining parts of the building, the Hall, and 3 of the Classrooms, are available to hire during the week for community use. The Hall has a capacity for 100 people and the Classrooms for 30 people.

The Blue School is available to be booked via our bookings page.

Sports Venues and Facilities
Sports Venues and Facilities
Cambourne Fitness and Sports Centre

The Sports Centre is run and managed by Everyone Active on behalf of the Parish Council who own the building. The Sports Centre houses a gym, sports hall and group exercise studio and offers a wide range of classes and activities. For more information contact the Sports Centre directly on 01954 714070 or visit the website

Cricket Pavilions and Wickets

The Parish Council maintains two cricket wickets each with its own pavilion; one in Great Cambourne and one in Lower Cambourne. Both cricket wickets are well used by Cambourne Cricket Club and other groups. Both Pavilions are available for community use and private functions, however, during the cricket season priority is given to the Cricket Club. The Great Cambourne Cricket Pavilion has a capacity for 60 people and the Lower Cambourne Cricket Pavilion has a capacity for 20 – 30 people. Both Pavilions have a kitchen with serving hatch in to the main hall area.

Sports Pitches

The Sports Pitches are maintained by the Parish Council and are currently divided up into three adult, three 9v9, three junior and three mini pitches for football and one rugby pitch. The pitches are well used by the Cambourne football and rugby clubs. The pitches can be booked through the Cambourne Fitness and Sports Centre by calling 01954 714070.

Residents are requested not to use the sports pitches for the exercising of dogs. This is an area where both adults and children come into close contact with the grass surface and therefore are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of parasites left by dog excrement; even that which has been picked up will leave residue.

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA)

The MUGA, located off Back Lane, adjacent to the Bowling Green is maintained by the Parish Council and is used by Cambourne sports clubs and residents. For bookings please contact the Sports and Fitness Centre on 01954 714070.

Tennis Court (Monkfield Lane)

The tennis court on Monkfield Lane (near the dentist surgery) is available for informal play and practice. Access to the court is via a key which is purchased from the Parish Office for £5. There is no booking system, just turn up and play if it is free.

Sports Pavilion

Situated off Back Lane overlooking the sports pitches the Sports Pavilion provides changing facilities for the Sports Pitches, Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP), Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) and tennis courts. The Pavilion’s first floor Club Room is used by a number of community groups and can be booked for private parties and functions. During the rugby season priority is given to Cambourne Exiles Rugby Club. The Club Room has a capacity for 60 people and incorporates a small kitchen and a bar area. The Sports Pavilion and sports pitches are fully licensed for the sale of alcohol and for the provision of regulated entertainment. The building also acts as a base for the Parish Council Grounds Team.

Bowls Pavilion and Bowling Green

Bowling Green is located off Back Lane next to the Sports and Fitness Centre. It is maintained by the Parish Council who also supports Cambourne Bowls Club.  For information on playing bowls contact Robin Bailey on 01954 269328 or email The Bowls Pavilion is available to hire through the Parish Office and is suitable for small groups or meetings and has a capacity of 10 – 20. It is equipped with tea making facilities.

Artificial Turf Pitch (ATP)

In October 2016, the Parish Council opened the new ATP which is marked for 11-a-side, two 9v9, two 7v7 and for 5-a-side football pitches. This was funded through s106 monies from Taylor Wimpey and Bovis Homes and a grant from the Football Foundation. The ATP can be booked through the Cambourne Fitness and Sports Centre by calling 01954 714070

Tennis Courts (Sports Area)

The tennis courts situated off Back Lane to the rear of the Sports and Fitness Centre are maintained by the Parish Council. There are two courts that are marked out for tennis and netball and three further courts used exclusively for tennis. Bookings for the courts are made through Cambourne Tennis Club. For more information and contact details please see their website

Trim Trail

The Trim Trail is located in the Eco Park off School Lane and comprises a number of pieces of wooden equipment with suggested route and exercises. The Trim Trail is open and free to use at all times. This area is also a designated kickabout area for informal football.

Community Land & Facilities
Community Land & Facilities
Play Areas

There are equipped play areas at Great Cambourne Green, Lower Cambourne, Upper Cambourne Village Green, Great Cambourne Cricket Wicket and the Eco Park (opposite Monkfield Park School). The play areas have a variety of traditional and innovative equipment, including sand and water play at Upper Cambourne, and are maintained by the Parish Council. All the play areas are inspected regularly by the Parish Council Grounds Team and are subject to an annual RoSPA inspection. Any issues with the play areas should be reported to the Parish Council as soon as possible.

Users of the play areas are requested to refrain from taking dogs and bicycles into the play areas to ensure that all children can enjoy playing in a safe environment.

Upper Cambourne Green Car Park

The car park is for users of Upper Cambourne Green and Play Area and provides additional parking for parents dropping off and collecting from the Vine School. The car park is locked overnight.

Scout and Guide Lane

This is a plot of land to the south of the Crow Hill allotments. The Parish Council continues to work with the Scout and Guide Groups to secure a building on site for their meetings. There is also a paddock for camping etc.

Burial Ground

This was opened in May 2016, for burials of Cambourne residents, with over 200 plots. Part of the land designated for the Burial Ground is being used by the Blue School as community space. The Exclusive Rights of Burial for plots can be purchased in advance as well as at the time of need.

Verges and Public Open Spaces

The Parish Council maintains all the verges and public open spaces that have so far been transferred to the Parish Council and a number of others on an agency basis for the developers of Cambourne and Cambridgeshire County Council. The maintenance of verges is made more difficult because of the damage caused by the parking of vehicles. The cost of repairing this damage has to be covered by the Parish Council’s element of the Council Tax and the Parish Council requests that people stop driving and parking on verges.

The Parish Council requests that people respect all these common areas and help keep them safe and clean for everyone to use. Please take your litter home or use the bins provided. Dog owners, please clean up after your dogs.

Great Cambourne Green

The Green, off Monkfield Lane, is used for the Cambourne Community Fete and visits from the Funfair and Circus. A barrier has been placed on the car park to prevent late night and overnight parking.

Teenage Hang Out

The Teenage Hang Out shelter is located in the Eco Park, off School Lane. The shelter is designed to be a place to meet and enjoy being with friends.

Skate Park

The Skate Park is located off Back Lane next to the Sports and Fitness Centre. It was extended in 2016 by the Parish Council working together with a group of young users of the Park. The Skate Park is maintained and regularly inspected by the Parish Council Ground Team and is subject to an annual RoSPA inspection.


There are two allotment sites; Crow Hill (68 plots) and Brace Dein (107 plots). At present, there is a waiting list, managed by the Parish Council, for both sites. The Parish Council looks after all the administration and the maintenance of the general areas. Regular inspections are made of the allotment sites to check on the cultivation of the plots.

Trailer Park

The site is for Cambourne residents only and there is currently a waiting list. There are 33 full pitches and 2 half pitches. Charges are currently £370.56 per annum for a single axel and £432.36 per annum for twin-axel caravans. The park is available for the storage of touring caravans, trailers, boat trailers and motor homes. Access to the site is by a key for which a refundable deposit of £20.00 is charged. Access times are as follows: 1st November – 31st March 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 5pm Saturday & Sunday (Closed on Public Holidays),1st April – 31st October 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday (including Public Holidays), and 9am to 6pm Saturday & Sundays. Access is not available at other times.

If you have any comments about the condition of any of the areas listed above, please contact the Parish Office via e-mail or call 01954 714403.