Community-wide Consultation: Parish Council Actions

Summary of the Parish Council Actions as listed at the end of each section of the Community-wide Consultation.

Section 4.1: Living in CambourneStatus
Section Action:
Parish Council to publish on the Council website a timeline of the Developer responsibilities and commitments with regard to their fulfilment of the infrastructure and facilities planning obligations (Section 106 Agreement).
There are a number of actions assigned to the Parish Council that relate to this section. These can be found in the appropriate sections through the report.
Section 4.2: Children & EducationStatus
Section Actions:
Question 1 & 2: Parish Council to carry out a survey of early years’ childcare needs in Cambourne and communicate the results / findings to all relevant parties.
Question 3: Parish Council to liaise on an annual basis with the Local Education Authorities with a view to understanding and influencing the local pupil / student projection / forecast numbers in schools to ensure adequate availability of places.
Question 4: From the Question 3 action, Parish Council to pass relevant information to the existing Cambourne Primary Schools and in addition feed into the consultation process for the new two primary schools to be provided as part of the Cambourne West development.
Question 5: Parish Council to publish current provision of 6th form for Cambourne students and explore the possibility of provision in Cambourne.
Question 6, 7 & 8:
Parish Council to invite Cambourne Village College annually to attend a council meeting and report the adult education courses on offer, local resident uptake and the College’s communication efforts with the local community.
Parish Council to share the findings of the report with Cambourne Village College.
Primary Education Action: Parish Council to explore the possibility of a limited school bus service within Cambourne to serve local primary schools.
Section 4.4: FacilitiesStatus
Section Actions:
Question 1:
Parish Council in partnership with the Cambourne Youth Partnership (CYP) to submit a planning application, informed by young people, for a bespoke Youth Building by no later than September 2017 to replace the Soul Building.
Parish Council to consider continuing funding the CYP and the provision of a youth programme and worker / officer.
Question 2: Parish Council to:
Conduct a parish wide audit of the dog waste bins and litter bins to establish usage, positioning and waste collection requirements.
Publish information on how to obtain an allotment and the rules and regulations of an allotment tenancy
Make available information on all Council assets on the Council website with a view to providing transparency of cost, explaining responsibility of usage and allocation criteria.
Question 3: Parish Council to conduct a comprehensive audit of the facilities / buildings with a view to establishing suitable disabled access.
Question 4: Parish Council to publish current capacity of existing facilities and future provision from Cambourne West.
Question 5: Parish Council to take into consideration the specific comments made in response to the questionnaire when informing the shape and type of future facilities and resources in Cambourne.
Question 8: Parish Council to ensure an easy to use ‘report it’ function is made available to report street light problems.
Section 4.5: Commerce & LeisureStatus
Section Actions:
Question 1: Parish Council to:
Continue its commitment to bring a Post Office to Cambourne and provide explanation of the challenges together with regular updates via its website and other media.
Reiterate to the community what the situation is regarding commercial buildings.
Provide explanation on the planning process and share results from Parish Plan with retail developers.
Question 2: Parish Council to:
Outline current position and commit to pursuing swimming pool options in Cambourne.
Summarise the list of forthcoming amenities with the Cambourne West development and feed the responses from the Parish Plan into future development considerations.
Share the current plans for High Street with the community.
Explore options for a dedicated teen social space.
Explore with older youth options for outdoor equipment.
Share current plans on ‘free to play’ basketball courts. Consider providing football goalposts near / on Eco Park.
Invite Morrisons to explain their position on community use of the Market Square and publish outcomes.
Section 4.6: Community SafetyStatus
Section Actions:
Questions 1–5: Parish Council to:
Continue to lobby for an additional PCSO and communicate the outcome.
Continue to lobby the Police and Crime Commissioner on the need of a staffed Police Enquiry Desk.
Link to available crime statistics from the Police website.
Launch an appeal for village Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators.
Continue its efforts to recruiting additional volunteers for graffiti removal.
Ensure an easy to use ‘report it’ function is made available on its website to report graffiti problems.‘Report It’ function has been included on this website. This can be used to report various issues, including graffiti, to the Parish Council and contains links to external sites where the issue must be reported to a different authority. See the ‘What can I report using this form?’ section of the Report It page.
Section 4.7: Health & WellbeingStatus
Section Actions:
Questions 1–8: Parish Council to:
Pass the comments and suggestions from the respondents to the Healthcare Providers and request a response.
Ensure the residents’ views are taken into account when funding for extra healthcare services in Cambourne is spent.
Maintain and develop partnerships with healthcare providers in Cambourne with a view to supporting funding applications and community healthcare initiatives.
Run a series of open residents meetings at which healthcare providers will be invited to speak.
Share with the community the issues relating to healthcare in Cambourne and the actions taken by the Parish Council.
Section 4.9: Transport, Travel & Road SafetyStatus
Section Actions:
Question 2-5: Bus service actions – Parish Council to:
Feed the results of the survey as part of their ongoing input into the City Deal process.
Initiate workshops with service providers with a view to reviewing bus services.
Obtain permission to install a bus shelter in Broad Street.
Lobby the appropriate local authority for subsidised bus service from Cambourne to St Neots.
Lobby for restricted vehicle exit in Upper Cambourne and share plans with community on what modes of transport can use it (e.g. cyclists, pedestrians).
Continue to engage with the City Deal process and report updates back to the residents.
Question 6-9 Cycling actions – Parish Council to:
Publish comprehensive map of cycle paths around Cambourne.
Support dedicated cycle routes to Cambridge as part of the Local Plan / City Deal process.
Continue to push for the joining up of broken cycle routes in Cambourne.
Question 10: Parish Council to:
Influence planning authority on parking provision.
Ensure parking problems can be reported through its website.
Question 11: Parish Council to:
Feedback to the owners of Caxton House comments from the Parish Plan regarding the design and running of the car park.
Request funding from the developers to improve the signage to public car parking.
Publish a car park map of Cambourne.
Explore the possibility of erecting some ‘You Are Here’ maps around Cambourne.
Investigate the possibility of additional parking for the sports centre and fields.
Scrutinise planning applications to ensure parking provision is provided to meet the Design Guide and Local Plan.
Council and developers to consider lifestyles and location when planning: Off-road space for at least two cars per household, more for larger houses. Garages provided are too small for modern cars.
Question 13: Parish Council to:
Publish plans for the provision of pedestrian crossings in Cambourne and lobby highways authority for their delivery.
To provide regular updates on the latest round of waiting restrictions (yellow lines).
Question 15: Parish Council to: explore proposals for 20mph zones (around schools).
Section 4.10: Arts & EntertainmentStatus
Section Actions:

Questions 1 & 2:

Request CVC to regularly share events with Parish Council.
Parish Council to invite residents’ suggestions on future public arts (e.g. sculpture).
Section 4.11: Housing & DevelopmentStatus
Section Actions:
Questions 1, 2 & 3:
The Parish Council, following the granting of Planning Permission for the expansion to the west of Cambourne, will monitor the implementation of the associated Section 106 agreement. We will do all we can, within our power, to ensure that the required infrastructure and facilities are supplied to meet the growing need. The details of the Section 106 agreement will be published on the Parish Council’s web site, along with updates on its progress.
Section 4.12: Young PeopleStatus
Section Action:
Parish Council to work with the Cambourne Youth Partnership to ensure that the voice of the youth of Cambourne is heard and considered. (Repeated in Social & Community section)
Section 4.13: Further FeedbackStatus
Section Action:

Parish Council to:

Publish the rules for road adoption and the latest adoption plans.
Feedback comments regarding the ‘Heart of Cambourne’ to MCA and the retail and employment developers.
Feedback residents’ views to transport providers and request a response.
Feedback comments regarding paths around the lakes to the Wildlife Trust and MCA.
Feed comments to developers.
Encourage BT to complete their fibre optic provision in Cambourne.